Department of Biology

Faculty Position Available: Human Population Genetics

GRADUATE ALUMNI: Please use this link Graduate Alumni Data BASE to provide us your contact information, and a short biography of what you are doing now with your biology degree. This site was established for an all-day celebration of our 50 years of the Biology Doctoral program, held in early October, hence many elements are no longer applicable.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Biology at Indiana State University is to nurture the academic potential of every student, advance knowledge through quality research, and serve the university and broader communities. Through experiential learning both within and outside the classroom, we motivate our students to become critically thinking, informed citizens with a heightened interest in science. Through one-on-one mentoring, we engage both undergraduate and graduate students in the excitement and challenge of original research. Through research and outreach education, we make valuable contributions at both local and national scales to the scientific community and the well-being of the general public.


Biology Departmental Vision

Drawing upon its strengths in teaching and research, the Department of Biology at Indiana State will be recognized across the state for high-quality and innovative undergraduate biology curricula that serve all of its students, majors and non-majors alike.  These curricula will enhances student success and provide excellent preparation for employment and post-graduate studies, as well as preparing a biologically and scientifically literate citizenry.  The Department will offer high-quality graduate programs, including state and nationally recognized doctoral  and masters programs, that contribute to high-quality undergraduate experiences.  Its undergraduate and graduate students will be involved in a variety of excellent and unique experiential learning opportunities and one-on-one mentoring.  The department will obtain the needed extramural funding and internal resources to support these experiential learning opportunities for students, as well as the scholarly endeavors of its faculty.  The Department will provide faculty, staff, and students with meaningful opportunities in applied research and community outreach and engagement.  The Department will develop and enhance its centers, which will be recognized nationally and internationally for research, undergraduate and graduate training, and outreach.

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