Assessment Support Funding Request

The primary goal of the assessment support funds made available through the ISU Assessment Council is to assist programs in moving to more advanced stages of assessment activities or to enhance programs already at the mature or exemplary stage. The maximum amount available is $500 per program or office per year. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis. Award decisions will be made within three to four weeks following submission of the proposal.

1. Using the criteria below, please indicate what stage of assessment best fits the assessment activities of your program.

2. Briefly describe your proposed use of the funds, including a timeline for implementation. Specifically address how this activity will enhance your program assessment efforts. Please include a budget.

Possible use of funds could include: faculty assessment retreat, funding towards development of a major field test, discipline-specific consultant related to assessment, mailing costs for a survey, stipend for undergraduate or graduate assistant
(Note: Funds may not be used for a faculty stipend).

Programs that receive funding will be required to submit a one-page report on the use of funds and progress towards enhanced program assessment within six months of award notification.

Proposals should be submitted to Ruth E. Cain, Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator, Gillum Hall 103.

Rev. 1: 1/2010