The mission of the ISU Assessment Council is to guide and support ongoing institutional assessment activities that promote continuous improvement of programs across the university. The Council is charged with identifying assessment issues, developing policy recommendations, facilitating assessment activities, and promoting the adoption of best practices in assessment.

Below are the goals of the Assessment Council.

Goal 1: Identify and apply resources to promote assessment

1.1: Develop and maintain a system for providing rewards for and recognition of successful engagement in assessment activities.

1.2: Provide incentives for engaging in assessment.

1.3: Provide support for assessment activities.

1.4: Provide support for professional development.

1.5: Develop a method for sharing campus expertise and assessment exemplars.

1.6: Obtain resources to support assessment.

Goal 2: Increase campus-wide engagement in assessment

2.1: All units (academic and non-academic) are engaged in assessment.

2.2: Students are aware of program objectives and outcomes. Objectives and outcomes are made public and communicated through web pages, handbooks, visual displays (e.g., posters, bulletin boards), syllabi, etc.

2.3: Campus leaders promote assessment.

2.4: Assessment part of all professional development programs.

Goal 3: Create a shared understanding of assessment

3.1: Communicate expectations for assessment.

3.2: Develop a shared language for assessment at ISU.

3.3: One person in each department/program/unit is able to articulate the purpose and five steps of assessment.

Goal 4: Communicate progress and celebrate achievements

4.1: Facilitate forums (university- or college-wide) for sharing information concerning assessment activities.

4.2: Educate university leaders and board members about assessment (framework, progress, barriers, etc.).

4.3: Utilize existing or develop new communication channels to inform campus about assessment activities.

Goal 5: Develop an infrastructure to support assessment

5.1: Tie assessment to the strategic plan.

5.2: Establish an assessment committee in each college and for non-academic units.

5.3: Include engagement in assessment in the criteria for promotion and tenure.

5.4: Incorporate assessment into CAAC, Graduate Council, and other existing campus entities.

No matter where you are in the assessment process, the Assessment Council and the Office of Assessment and Accreditation are available to support your efforts. Please contact Dr. Ruth E. Cain at ruth.cain@indstate.edu or 237-8899 for more information or to schedule an appointment.