Assistantship Requirements (print version)

Post-Professional Athletic Training Program - Graduate Education

Students can obtain professional experience in a variety of traditional clinical settings.  Clinical placements are based on certification status, past experiences, areas of needed growth, and student preference (when possible). 

ISU Athletic Training Services Off-Campus Locations

1 position (1 OPEN position Fall 2015)

Cross Country/Track & Field
3 positions (2 OPEN positions Fall 2015)

2 positions

1 position

1 position

Women's Basketball
1 position

Men's Basketball
1 position (1 OPEN position Fall 2015)


Terre Haute North
2 positions (1 OPEN position Fall 2015)

Terre Haute South
2 positions (1 OPEN position Fall 2015)

West Vigo High School
2 positions (1 OPEN position Fall 2015)

Marshall High School
1 position

Turkey Run High School
1 position

    Union Hospital Sports Medicine
1 position

   ISU Physical Therapy/Sports Rehabilitation Clinic AND Teaching
   Positions are 50% Clinic 50% Teaching, 2 positions (1 OPEN position Fall 2015)

Graduate Assistantship

All assistantship positions are for 1-year, are renewable, and are most often a 2-year placement.  Renewal of the graduate assistantship is dependent upon academic eligibility, certification status, and professional conduct. 1. All of our graduate assistantship positions require certification.  Failure to obtain certification will result in a loss of tuition waiver and stipend for the second semester and termination of the contract at the end of the first year.

2. Performance as a graduate assistant athletic trainer is evaluated at the end of each academic semester by the supervisor.  

According to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies policy failure to obtain the 3.0 grade average each semester of the appointment will necessitate termination of the assistantship at that time. Students must enroll in a minimum of nine hours of graduate course work each semester or six hours during the summer period. 

The Department of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation reserves the right to remove graduate students from their assistantship position in accordance to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies guidelines.  

 Unsatisfactory performance of the assigned duties of a graduate assistantship is grounds for termination of the appointment at any time at the discretion of the department. If, one month after notice of unsatisfactory performance, improvement has not been made to the satisfaction of the department, the appointment will be terminated. 

Failure to abide by the NATA Code of Ethics during any and all PPATP activities may result in termination.  Accommodations or replacement may be possible, but not guaranteed.  Department commitments for stipends and tuition waivers will be absolved.  Punctuality, dependability, professional communication with coaches, patients, athletes, and supervisors is expected.For Specific Position Descriptions, we encourage you to look at the Policy and Procedure Manual.