Research Clinic Policies and Procedures

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        Faculty Research Specialities

Faculty Research Specialities

Post-Professional Athletic Training Program, Graduate Education, Faculty Research Areas
* Dr. Tim Demchak: modalities; flexibility; performance

* Dr. Lindsey Eberman: thermoregulation and hydration behaviors; education and socialization in athletic training; case studies

* Shaun Grammer: obesity; exercise and weight loss; weight loss and the effect of exercise on medical conditions

* Dr. Tiffany Idlewine: integrative health techniques; rural healthcare delivery

* Dr. Leamor Kahanov: athletic training education and assessment; athletic training policy; survey research; case studies (qualitative); leadership and ethics; work-life balance; socialization

* Heather Mata: geriatrics; literacy testing

* Amber Northam: case scenarios

* Dr. Catherine Paterson: athletic training education