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Driver Education

Indiana State University’s Driver Education License Program, an instructor preparation program, offers 9 credit hours that prepare you to instruct driver education. The program can be completed on campus or through distance learning. ISU’s program is the only one that blends classroom, laboratory, and range and on-the-road instruction. Courses are developed and taught by ISU faculty.

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Health Sciences (public Health) M.S.

Public health, one of the specialization areas of Indiana State University’s masters degree program in health sciences, is designed to prepare professionals qualified to educate and oversee the health and well being of the public and their communities. Students enrolled in the program receive advanced preparation in a core of study focusing on prevailing public health competencies and skills and opportunities to practice that knowledge through hands-on learning experiences. Graduate students in the program are also provided with the analytic and leadership skills required to assume positions in the academic world, government, and nonprofit institutions in the public health field.

Coordinated Program in dietetics

Dietetics is a rapidly growing field with many diverse career opportunities for the professional interested in food and nutrition. An individual wanting to become a Registered Dietitian (RD**) must complete an accredited 4 year academic program and supervised practice experience before taking the national registration examination.

The Coordinated Program in Dietetics includes both the academic (didactic) and supervised practice experiences within a 2 year period.

With a Coordinated Program, there is no worry about completing course work and then not being accepted for a dietetic internship. It all comes as one package!

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doctorate of Health Sciences

The Doctorate of Health Sciences (D.H.Sc.) program is distinguished by its interdisciplinary approach to graduate study. The program will prepare practicing health care professionals to assume leadership roles in the academic and/or clinical and research settings. The degree will also prepare graduates to develop and implement solutions to the health issues of our society and to teach in academic and clinical settings. The program requires the student to successfully complete a minimum of 48 credit hours of graduate work beyond a master’s degree and to write and defend a doctoral dissertation (18 credit hours) as prescribed in the regulations of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Application Deadline for Fall admission is March 15.
Admission only for fall semester, no spring admission.

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D.H.Sc. Complete Curriculum Block

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