gerontology Certificate

Why study gerontology?

Each of us is growing older, has older adults in our lives, and works with others who are aging.  Developing an understanding of the changes associated with this process helps prepare us for our own experience, fosters an insight into the needs of those we care about, and gives us the necessary skills for working with older adults.  As Baby Boomers continue moving into retirement age, those entering the workforce need to be prepared to meet the needs of that generation in areas related to health, recreation, and maintaining a sense of purpose in life.
As the world’s population continues to age, many opportunities and challenges present themselves. One of these challenges is to foster a society that encourages older adults to remain actively engaged by sharing their experiences, knowledge, and skills with younger generations. A second challenge lies in recognizing the increasing prevalence of chronic disease in this older population and being prepared to provide adequate and affordable health care. Another challenge is addressing stereotypes of aging that degrade and, ultimately, impair quality of life for both those stereotyped and for those who maintain these false illusions is another challenge. These and other issues form the foundation of the Indiana State University Gerontology program. By learning to understand and address these central challenges facing older adults, are our students will be well prepared to engage in a career that encompasses and embraces this growing population. 


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