coordinated program in dietetics

Dietetics is a rapidly growing field with many diverse career opportunities for the professional interested in food and nutrition. An individual wanting to become a Registered Dietitian (RD**) must complete an accredited 4 year academic program and supervised practice experience before taking the national registration examination.

The Coordinated Program in Dietetics includes both the academic (didactic) and supervised practice experiences within a 4 year period.

With a Coordinated Program, there is no worry about completing course work and then not being accepted for a dietetic internship. It all comes as one package!

**What is a Registered Dietitian?


Career Opportunities in dietetics

Coordinated Program graduates are currently involved in a variety of diverse career paths

Other areas of employment open to graduates include, but are not limited to

Why study Dietetics at Indiana State University?


Mission and Standards for Coordinated Program


Goals and Outcomes for Coordinated Program


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