coordinated program in dietetics

Admission process



University Admission:

Coordinated Program in Dietetics Admission

Process includes a written application, transcript or DARS, a personal interview, job shadowing, professional recommendations, and written response to questions that evaluate a candidate’s ability to problem solve, think critically, and make sound decisions. 

Prerequisites and Minimum Requirements for Admission

I.  Application Process and Phase I Checklist (Word doc)

a.  Application Questions (Word doc)

b.  Application Form

c.  Provide the url to the person(s) providing a reference for you.

Requirements after admission to the Coordinated Program in Dietetics

II.  Phase II

No student shall be denied admission to the program because of race, color, creed, gender, age or national origin.


For more information, contact: Ms Carol Reed, RD or complete a request for information


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