coordinated program in dietetics

II. Admission - Phase II

After admission to the Coordinated Program in Dietetics,

Submit the following via mail, email, or fax to: 
Carol A. Reed, MS, RD,
Director of Coordinated Program in Dietetics
Indiana State University
Department of Applied Health Sciences
401 N. 4th St., B-61
Terre Haute, IN 47809
Fax:  812-237-8607

All students are to submit the required paperwork to the Director AND keep several copies of the same  so the student can be provide copies to the supervised practice sites throughout the rotations.

  1. Signed Coordinated Program Contract as provided by Director upon admission to the Program
  2. Complete Certified Background Check. 
    • Forward copy of results to Director of Coordinated Program
    • CertifiedProfile is a secure platform that allows you to order your background check online
    • Once you have placed your order, you may use your login to access additional features of CertifiedProfile
    • At the end of the online order process, you will be prompted to enter your Visa or Mastercard information
    • If you do not have a social security number, enter all zeros (0)
    • Go to:
      • Click on “Students”
      • Enter package code: ib62
      • Results will be posted to your CertifiedProfile account
      • Send copy of results to Director
      • Questions?  Contact (888) 666-7788 Ext. 1
      •  If the criminal history check reveals any arrest(s): 
        • Applicant must obtain the legal documentation regarding the disposition of the arrest(s)
        • If there was a conviction, the information will be forwarded to the clinical site for evaluation
        • Based on the record, the clinical site will make a determination whether the student can or cannot be placed at the site
        • The decision of the clinical agency is final
  3. Student Health Requirements ()
  4. Proof of health insurance and auto insurance – copy of policy or cards confirming coverage
  5. Drug Screening
    • The student will be required to go to “Right Choice” for drug screening
      • Location: 3189 S. 3rd Pl. in Terre Haute.
        • Behind the Honey Creek Mall
    • Drug screening results must be mailed or faxed from Right Choice to the Director of the Coordinated Program (contact information above)
    • The student will pay the cost for being in compliance with the drug screening requirement
    • In the event of positive drug screening results and/or failure of the student to undergo drug screening, the student will be dropped administratively from all dietetics courses. 

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