Mission Statement

Spectrum endeavors to be a place of safety and confidentiality at Indiana State University for all who fall somewhere along the spectrum of gender and sexual diversities, as well as for allies.  The organization desires to serve as a campus resource for issues related to gender and sexuality.  We also endeavor to create a welcoming environment that provides a network of support and friendship for students, faculty, staff, and community members.  We strive to continually educate not only the external world, but ourselves as well.  Finally, we advocate for the recognition of human rights for everyone, everywhere.

Our History

Founded in 2009 as Advocates for Equality, the organization worked to maintain and expand a network of faculty, staff, and students in order to organize, serve, and advocate for Indiana State University's gender and sexual minorities.  The organization began in the wake of the Proposition 8 controversy that occurred in California.  Several friends began discussing the lack of representation of these minorities on the campus of Indiana State University.

Founding members of Advocates for Equality

Founding members of the group saw an opportunity to bring issues such as Proposition 8, GLBT adoption, and GLBT families to ISU's campus.  Through participation in national movements such as the Day of Silence and more, the group takes an active stance against the oppression of gender and sexual minorities.  The founding members of the group quickly drummed up interest in the topic of gender and sexual equality.  Members began to attend meetings and help plan large events on and around campus.  It was apparent to the founding members of the group that students at Indiana State University longed to see more action taken on campus to better the environment for gender and sexual minorities.

In 2013, Advocates for Equality changed its name to Spectrum.  The name changed in order to better represent the organization's growing commitment to serve Indiana State University's gender and sexual diversities in more ways than just advocacy.  Today, Spectrum serves as the campus's main resource for these minorities through advocacy, education, outreach, and weekly meetings.  Spectrum continues to participate in the National Day of Silence and holds other annual events, such as the Miss Gay ISU pageant.