There are many types of academic writing that require research. The Research Assignment Calculator is a 12-step process from the initial assignment, through the outlining, researching, citing, and final draft. Target dates for each step are listed. Under each step are links to other documents or web sites to help you with that particular step. The Research Paper Planner is a Word document. Save a copy for yourself to use as a template for every research assignment. Adapt it as needed for your course, major, etc.

Assignment Calculator Best Practice: Go through every syllabus and look for assignments and due dates. Do an Assignment Calculation for each one. Put target dates into your Student Planners. If an assignment is announced or distributed in class that is not on the syllabus, go through the same procedure. Compare the assignment calculator steps with the written instructions from your professor and clarify anything that you don't understand or that doesn't seem to be covered in the specific assignment.

Research Paper Planner Best Practice: Use it with the Assignment Calculator to keep track of dates. Write down words and phrases you use to search; keep track of new words and phrases you discover. Use the contacts listed to get more help from library staff.


Factor: Leaving enough time to study for quizzes and tests

Factor: Doing your reading assignments and taking good notes; regular reviewing; quizzing yourself and quizzing with classmates

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