Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Promising Scholars Award Recipients

1st cohort

Badar, M. Affan; IMT; “Improving Health Care Systems Using Lean Manufacturing & Simulation Modeling Techniques”

Barton-Bellessa, Shannon and Shon, Phillip; Criminology; “Improving Homicide Case Solvability: A Structural Examination of Crime Scene Behaviors”

Bennett, Kimberly; Psychology; “Why Did This Happen to Me?  How Explanations for Cardiovascular Disease Influence Recovery Among Patients in Cardiac Rehabilitation”

Berchild, Christopher; Theater; “The Dreaming Dust: A Performance in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin”

Chambers, Michael; Political Science; “Evolving Sino-Indonesian Relations: Indonesia’s Growing Importance to the PRC”

Chirhart, Ann; History; “Worship in the Wabash Valley”

Fitch, Richard; Chemistry; “Enantioselective Catalysis of Metal-Mediated Organic Reactions”

Hampton, Eric, Educational and School Psychology, and Gruenert, Steve, Educational Leadership, Administration and Foundations; “AYP and Social Capital”

Lee, Myung-Ah; Physical Education; “Infusing Technology into Early Field Experience in Physical Education”

Nesser, Thomas; Physical Education; “An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of a Community Based Childhood Obesity Treatment Program on Improving Physical Activity and Dietary Patterns of Child & Parent Participants”

Piechocinski, Theodore; Music; “A New Text Book on the Music Business/Music Industry Studies”

Powers, Josh; EDLR; “Economic Development and Technology Transfer at AASCU Institutions”

Prouty, Kenneth; African & African American Studies; “Technology and the Learning of Jazz”

Wilhelm, William; Organizational Department; “Teaching Ethics in Undergraduate Business Core Courses”

Wilkinson, Kelly; Organizational Department; “Using Breeze for Communication and Assessment of Internships”

Zhang, Guoping; Physics; “High Harmonic Generation in Fullerenes”

2nd cohort

Angilletta, Michael; Ecology & Organismal Biology; “Developing a Unified Theory of Thermal Adaptation”

Ashby, Joe; ECT; “Distance Education Remote Lab Development”

Bauserman, Kathryn; Elementary, Early & Special Education; “The Reading Resort: Studying the Impact of Targeted Instruction on the Literacy Skills of Struggling Readers”

Bennett, Patrick; Psychology; “Prayer as Self-Disclosure to God:  Implications for Immune Function”

Bolinskey, Paul Kevin; Psychology; “Psychological Indicators of Hypothetically Psychosis-Prone Individuals”

Chandrasekaran, Aruna; Organizational Department; “International Business Education Through Experiential Learning”

Lin, Yuetong; ECT; “The Study of Distributed Wavelet Fuzzy Networks Using Java Objected-Oriented Neural Engine”

Martin, Douglas; English; “The Best Online Creative Writing: The First Ten Years”

Maule, Linda; Political Science; “Poverty, Hunger, and Homelessness: A Social Justice Service Learning Project”

McFadden, Sherry; Theater; “Fusion”

McLean, Mary Ann; Life Sciences; “Microbial Diversity in Acid Mine Drainage Seeps in Western Indiana”

Mehrens, Christopher; Library; “The American Music Criticism Project (American Music Criticism” A Research and Study Guide”

Minniear, Harry; Aerospace Technology; “Dedicated Crew Resource Management Training…A Study of Effectiveness at the Collegiate Level”

Sinha, Amit; Analytical Department; “Understanding the Microstructure of Derivatives Markets”

Tuttle, Elaina; Life Science; “Genic Selection and the Maintenance of Diversity in Nature”

Yousif, Bassam; Economics; “Building the Future: Economic Alternatives for Iraq”

3rd cohort

Behrendt, Linda; Family and Consumer Sciences "Vigo County Community Engagement in Youth Development:  Building Assets, Changing Lives"

Ganapathy-Coleman, Hema; Communication Disorders and Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology; "At the Interface of Beliefs, Resources, and School Networks:  Family Perspectives on Educational Outcomes"

Hammen, Vicki; Communication Disorders and Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology; "Voice Problems in Beginning Teachers: A Multi-Dimensional Approach"

Klarner, Carl; Political Science; "Forecasting the 2008 Congressional and Presidential Elections"

Latimer, Jennifer; Geography, Geology, and Anthropology; "Developing a Method for Total Dissolution of Environmental Samples Using an Automated Fusion-Fluxer and X-ray Fluorescence"

MacDonald, Christine, and Roberts-Pittman, Bridget; Communication Disorders and Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology; "ISU Student Experiences of Bullying"

Preston, Eric; Physics; "The Approach to Mean Field in Driven Threshold Models"

Wolf, Stephen; Chemistry; "Cosmochemical Processes in the Early Solar System: Investigation of the Distribution of Highly Volatile Elements in Primitive Meteorites"

Wong, Chui Ying Sala; Art; "talk...the...line"

4th Cohort

Albig, Allan; Provisional Department of Biology; "Discovery and Characterization of Novel Regulators of Angiogenesis and Tumorigenesis"

Chen, Ray; Art; "Clay Expression: From Cultural Influence to Modern Context"

Cummings, Gerardo; Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics; "Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Sexuality, Capitalism and Politics in Mexican Popular Culture"

He, Wei; Organizational Department; "Attracting Direct Investment from China to Indiana: Rationales, Approaches, and Prospects"

Leggett, Debra; Communication Disorders and Counseling, School and Educational Psychology; "Marital Satisfaction and Social Interest: An Investigation of the Community"

Seung, Eulsun; Chemistry; "Improving Preservice Teachers' Reflection Using a Web-Based Video Analysis Tool in Elementary Science Teacher Preparation"

Sterling, Mary; Family and Consumer Sciences; "Net Zero Energy Healthy House Project"