Faculty Activity Database

spring 2014 - timeline - major milestones & target dates

January 15-17, 2014 - Once the configuration and data loads have been successfully entered into the Faculty Activity Database, faculty representatives from across all colleges will be asked to beta test the system and input activities. Feedback from this group and report testing will be important in making revisions and accessing ease of use and the accuracy of data.

Other January accomplishments: Choice of logo/badge, as it will appear on the ISU Portal. Designed by team member Casey Burk.


  • College and University Committee Member one-time upload for 2013-2014 committees [all that could be identified]

  • Scheduled Teaching

  • Date migration of 317 faculty data prior to current contract

  • Adding all academic department names to appropriate drop-down lists

February, 2014: Analyzing beta testing comments and suggestions, many work requests have been sent to further customize the FAD. An Annual Report form has been edited and submitted and will be one of the reports that can be generated. Work continues on building a similar Biennial Review form to be added.

Coming soon: this site will become more of a support site than just an informational site.


  • Community Engagement Components - long!

  • New Category Librarianship [seen only by library faculty]

  • Additions/Changes to MANY drop-down menus, including all campus buildings with faculty offices, additional professional degrees

  • Lock-down of Permanent Data, Yearly Data, Scheduled Teaching, i.e., not editable by individual faculty. Corrections can be requested.

  • Creation of Output: Annual Report - College Template

  • Determined security-levels for various roles [who has access to what information/who can change]: University Admin/Limited Admin, College Admin/Limited Admin, Department, Individual Faculty [n=705]

  • Add "Store File" to many entry screens


February 28: Memo from Provost Williams.

March 3, 2014 – Go-live date to entire campus. This means, the badge in the Portal will be made available to all faculty on this date and communications will be sent out to campus announcing roll-out and training schedule.

March 17– April 25 – Campus-wide faculty training sessions will begin, along with training sessions for chairs and administrative support. Workshops specifically for College of Nursing, Health and Human Services and for the Scott College of Business will also be scheduled.


Changing email help link from company link to local link (Marsha Miller)

Summer 2014 training schedule = TBD

Fall 2014 – Training will resume and open sessions will be available for campus throughout the semester. Targeted training for administrators on reporting [output] capabilities will also be offered.

Check back often to check for changes & additions.

Questions? Email Susan Powers or Marsha Miller

Last update to above: March 12, 2014


Older Information appears below.

STARTING THE PROCESS: January 11, 2013: Indiana State University is in the process of obtaining a software solution to maintain faculty activity data. Faculty will be able to maintain the records of their professional work. Administrators will be able to use data to create reports, support accreditation, and benchmark faculty activities. 

The implementation team is comprised of Susan Powers (Academic Affairs), Sarah Edwardson (Project Manager, IT), Marsha Miller (Faculty Fellow), Stacey Bocard (IT Senior Programmer Analyst). Representatives from the Colleges will be involved in the testing and implementation. Some faculty may be asked to serve as beta testers, and various ad hoc groups may also be formed as the process continues throughout the spring.

While the promotion and tenure process will not utilize an e-portfolio system/process until the 2014-2015 academic year, the goal is to have a system will be in place such that it can be used for the first biennial review during Fall 2013 (data will be required for 2011-12 and 2012-13). The biennial review process as approved in 2011 mandates the use of an e-portfolio, and we will try to meet that mandate. General questions about faculty e-portfolios should be sent to Marsha Miller (marsha.miller@indstate.edu). [UPDATE: THIS DID NOT HAPPEN, SO WE'LL HOPE TO USE IT FOR THE 2013-2015 BIENNIAL PROCESS]

If an e-portfolio package is not available in time, the implementation team will be responsible for creating an interim solution that meets the requirements for Annual Review as outlined in the University Handbook as well as the process which is being honed by the Faculty Senate's Faculty Affairs Committee and the Provost's Office.

On April 2, 2013, the RFP for the e-portfolio was sent out by Purchasing's Ernie Kramer. Two responses were received by April 22. Members of the Implementation Team and Information Technology began an evaluation of the bids shortly thereafter. 

CONTRACT SIGNED: August: a contract has been signed for the product Activity Insight, by Digital Measures.  OIT staff (Stacey Bocard, Diana McCleary), Sarah Edwardson and others are working with the new product, to get it ready for testing. In October, Susan Powers, Marsha Miller, Chris MacDonald, and Liz Browne will attend the first Digital Measures Users Group Meeting in Milwaukee. Throughout the coming fall months, testing, uploading information from Banner, designing templates work will be conducted, with the goal of a soft roll-out to selected testers in two Colleges (CNHHS and Business), and the Library during the Spring semester.

SEPTEMBER: Working in DM, IT people pulled in data from Banner, etc. and worked on determining basic template formatting plan. We took DM's Implementation schedule and edited it to represent what ISU's likely schedule is to be. Established working relationship with our Solutions Specialist from Digital Measures.

OCTOBER: Digital Measures had its inaugural Users Group Meeting in Milwaukee, a very optimal time for ISU people to attend. Susan Powers, Liz Brown, Casey Burk, Chris MacDonald, and Marsha Miller attended and got a lot of ideas from other institutions. The two-day program includes links to most of the presentations. Following the meeting, Chris MacDonald joined the Implementation Team as a liaison to Faculty Senate (Vice-Chair).

NOVEMBER: As October ended and November began, data loads continued. Templates are being customized. It is likely that data loads for Grants and Sponsored Research will not be possible; it will be up to individual faculty to enter information. Liaisons for each College and the Library will be identified/confirmed and a small pool of faculty from each College/Library will be identified to assist with beta testing what is now going to be called the FACULTY ACTIVITY DATABASE.


updated Nov. 5, 2013 [MM]