For assistance with curriculum proposals, please contact your appropriate associate dean

Preparing Program Proposal Forms

Departments should identify individuals to help prepare the necessary forms and to review them for accuracy and completeness. These individuals should consult with their dean’s office about the preparation of forms. Often the person is the contact listed on the Program Proposal Form.

Proposals should be submitted in hard copy with originals of all signature pages, and via email attachment in Microsoft Word format with scanned signature pages. The Word document can be corrected and revised as necessary during the approval process, and relevant portions readily incorporated into Academic Notes and Acalog, the University’s on-line catalog.

Deadlines for Submission

Refer to the Academic Affairs website for deadlines and effective dates for catalog changes, The length of time necessary for program approvals varies considerably based on many factors. A sample timeline and flowchart of the approval process appear in Appendices A and B. Departments should consult their dean’s office for details and estimates of the time to approval.

Overview of Forms

Program proposals normally include the following forms. All forms can be found on the Academic Affairs website; samples are included in Appendix E of this manual.

Financial/Staffing Resources Checklist

This form is required for new programs not needing ICHE approval (ICHE requires its own extensive resource documentation) and for substantial revisions to existing programs.


For new programs and significant revisions, attach assessment plans, four-year programs of study (for undergraduate programs), and transition plans. Additional documents such as minutes of meetings or memoranda detailing resource allocations may be included as necessary.