For assistance with curriculum proposals, please contact your appropriate associate dean

Appendix D: Sample Timeline for Course Proposals

Steps after department development phase Typical time needed to complete
1)   Consultation phase (review by department committee, chair, dean) 3 weeks minimum, depending upon:
  • how promptly reviewers respond and forward the proposal
To expedite the process have a complete, correct, and readable proposal.
2)   Consultation phase (registrar, affected departments, and campus notification). 3 weeks minimum, depending upon:
  • whether responses to consultations are necessary
Includes 2 weeks campus notification and department consultation
3)   Department approvals (faculty bodies and chair) 2 or more weeks, depending upon:
  • whether the proposal must be changed before department approval
  • department approval process
  • how frequently committees meet
4)   College approvals (faculty bodies and dean) 2 or more weeks, depending upon:
  • college approval process
  • how frequently committees meet
  • whether or not the course accompanies a program proposal
5)   Registrar review 1 week minimum
6)   Additional review if needed
  • foundational studies: Foundational Studies Council and CAAC
  • educator licensure methods or key course: College of Education and Teacher Education Committee
1-4 weeks or more depending upon:
  • when the council/committee meets
7)   Office of Academic Affairs and Provost approval 1 week, unless there are issues on resources, wording, completeness, etc.
8)   Publication in Academic Notes as approved 1-2 weeks, depending upon:
  • when the proposal arrives in relation to the publication schedule for Academic Notes