Resources of Interest to the Campus Community Related to the Unbounded Possibilities Initiative

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There are a number of resources listed on this webpage that are useful for identifying strategic local, regional, state, and national needs for which Indiana State University may be ideally suited to respond. There are also valuable resources for developing and sharpening proposal ideas. We welcome additions to this page; please relay them to us. For example, there may be valuable association level documents/materials that would inform project ideas and collaborations.


How other institutions have achieved distinction via a focus on societal needs and built upon internal collaborations and external partnerships:

Centers of Excellence at Wright State University

Interdisciplinary Studies at Duke University

Arizona State University – Rise to the Challenge

Cluster Hiring Initiative at the University of Wisconsin

Arizona State University – Michael Crow on Community Success

Interdisciplinary Initiatives at the University of Washington

The University of Southern California Story

Consortium on Fostering Interdisciplinarity

University of Southern California Collaborative Research Program

Center for Interprofessional Education at the University of Minnesota

University of California - Berkeley Big Ideas


Data Support Documents/Information of Interest

U.S. Census Bureau State & County QuickFacts

Science & Engineering Indicators 2010

 Indiana State University Common Data Set

Science & Engineering Indicators 2010 – State Indicator Data Tool

Indiana Chamber of Commerce Report on Higher Education

National Academies Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs in the U.S.

Indiana’s Fastest Growing High-Wage Jobs of the Future

Did You Know?

Lumina Foundation Report: A Stronger Nation

Did You Know? Human Capital Edition

Reaching Higher: Indiana Commission on Higher Education’s Strategic Initiatives


Federal Agency & Private Philanthropic Organization Strategic Plans

Dept. of Education - Strategic Plan 2007-2012

NSF - Investment Priorities

Dept. of Education Priorities 2011 and Beyond

NSF - Translating the Plan into Action

Dept. of Energy - Strategic Plan 2006

NSF - Survey of R&D Expenditures

Dept of Homeland Security - Strategic Plan 2008-2013

Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Program Areas

EPA Strategic Plan 2006-2011

USDA Strategic Plan 2005-2010

NEA - Strategic Plan 2006-2011

USDOT - Strategic Plan 2006-2011

NEH - Strategic Plan 2007-2012

Lilly Endowment Education Division

NIH Roadmap (MS Word doc)

Lumina Foundation Strategic Plan

NSF - Strategic Plan 2006-2011


Articles and Reports

Antedisciplinary Science

President’s & Chancellor’s Name Top Research Priorities (AASCU)

Colleges Must Reconstruct the Unity of Knowledge

Red Balloon Project; Re-Imagining Undergraduate Education (AASCU)

Communicating Across the Academic Divide

Reinventing the Research University

Differentiating America’s Colleges and Universities

Rethinking the Enterprise (AASCU)

Grand Challenges and Great Opportunities in Science, Technology, and Public Policy

Reversing STEM’s Slide (AASCU)

Grand Challenges for Engineering

The Rise of ‘Convergence’ Science

Grand Challenges for Environmental Sciences

Strategic Focusing (co-authored by John Moore, former ISU president)

Interdisciplinary Hiring

Higher Learning Commission of NCA Evaluation Report from 2010 Accreditation visit

Midwest Higher Education Compact



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