Members of the Unbounded Possibilities Committee

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Joshua Powers, Chair
Special Assistant to the Provost for Academic Initiatives
Professor of Higher Education Leadership
Bayh College of Education; 237-2304

Brad Balch
Dean, Bayh College of Education
Professor of Educational Leadership
Bayh College of Education; 237-2919

Gregory Bierly
Director, University Honors Program
Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Systems
College of Arts & Sciences; 237-3225

Leamor Kahanov
Chair, Department of Applied Medicine and Rehabilitation
College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services; 237-8232

Connie McLaren
Coordinator, Operations Management & Analysis Program
Professor of Operations Management & Analysis
Scott College of Business; 237-2282

Harry Minniear
Chair, Aviation Technology
Assistant Professor of Aviation Technology
College of Technology; 237-2641

Virgil Sheets
Chair, Department of Psychology
Professor of Psychology
College of Arts & Sciences; 237-2451

Dawn Underwood
Director, Sponsored Programs
Office of Sponsored Programs; 237-3088

Biff Williams
Dean, College of Nursing, Health, & Human Services
Professor of Athletic Training; 237-3683

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