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 Sara Curtis is the Director of AAUW Funds 2016-2018. She was co-director 2014-2016.

Sara can be reached at or 574.315.8186
Sara Curtis
Sara Curtis
AAUW Funds encompasses the former Education Foundation and Legal Advocacy Funds.

State Fundraiser for NCCWSL: Lunch totes
[2016: limited quantities still available]


AAUW FUNDS – 2015 to 2016



This report is filed by the Co-Directors of AAUW Funds who are completing our term of office from 2014 to 2016.

                        Our first goal for this past year was to complete the sales of the insulated lunch bags, since more were ordered than our previous bag sales, and there are about 70 left to sell.  Our plan is to use the profits from this sale to sponsor a young college woman to attend the NCCWSL annual conference.  The total profits, when all sold, will allow this to be done.  This project began in January of 2014 with the purchase of 250 lunch totes with the new AAUW logo on the front.  Price was set by the Board of Directors at $7.00 each.  Creative ideas for their use has been presented to all 18 of our Branches.  We hope that the 2016 AAUW IN Convention at Conner Prairie will help us complete this goal.

             Our primary task as Directors of AAUW Funds is to continue to provide up-to-date information to all Branches on the AAUW Funds – each and every individual fund that should be considered as worthy of providing financial support.  Philanthropy is a major arm of AAUW's mission to help educate and provide equity for all women and girls.  Each Indiana Branch was contacted by us and informed of their 2015 contributions.  This information should allow all of us to focus on increasing our donations to any or all of the funds.  Branch fundraisers and individual contributions are all recorded and information distributed to both of us annually.  Any donations undesignated to a specific fund are deposited in the AAUW Fund account to be used in the areas of greatest need as determined by our national AAUW Board.  Contact one of us if you have questions about any of the funds and how they are used.

Funds listing to designate:
        1.  AAUW Fund #9110 - gifts support programs with the greatest need.
        2.  Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) #3999 - legal case support; LAF travel grants; campus outreach programs.
        3.  Educational Opportunities Fund #4336 - supports fellowships and grants, career development grants and others.
        4.  Public Policy Fund #4337 - supports government relations; civic engagement; field organizing.
        5.  Leadership Programs Fund #4339 - supports NCCWSL; campus action projects; the "Elect Her" program.
        6.  Eleanor Roosevelt Fund #9170 - supports AAUW research reports such as our newest report just out this month, “Barriers and Bias:  The Status of Women in Leadership.”

Barb Kanning & Sara Curtis

AAUW IN individually and as Branches contributed $13,500.00!!!
  As you begin this new year with your personal and Branch budgets in mind, please include these important AAUW needs in your planning.  See me at our IN Convention for any 2015 details you want.




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