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205.1 Purpose. Indiana State University wishes to ensure that all official University-wide policies are considered appropriately, formally approved, promulgated in a consistent format, and maintained by the University Secretary in one central location, the University Handbook.
Policy Statement. The Indiana State University Board of Trustees has the ultimate authority to adopt, amend, or repeal policy.
Submission of Modifications for Consideration. The University President and the Chairs of the University governance units may submit proposed policy modifications to the Trustees for consideration through the Secretary of the University. All proposed policy modifications must be submitted at least eight (8) days before the Trustee meeting.
The proposed modification shall be included on the Trustee agenda for a vote as to whether the Trustees shall seek comment on such modification, or in their discretion, adopt such proposed modification.
The Secretary of the University shall notify appropriate parties of the content of the proposed modification or the passed modification and solicit comments for at least a sixty (60) day period.
At the Trustee meeting following the comment period, the proposed modification, along with substantive comments, shall be presented by the University President to the Trustees for action; or, with regard to a previously passed modification, substantive comments shall be presented by the University President for the Trustees’ consideration. The Trustees may take any action they deem prudent, including asking for additional comment periods, amending the previously-passed policy, or taking no additional action.
The form of proposed modification adopted by the Trustees shall be included in the University Handbook. Last revised October 5, 2012.

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